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13th 3.5 + 2.5 USA
Install 2.5-inch HDD's to 3

WORKDONE 3-Pack - 3.5 inch Hard Drive Caddy with 2.5 inch HDD Adapter - KG1CH Compatible for Listed Dell PowerEdge Servers

EAN: 6429830030850, ASIN: B0837SDDSL  

  • README FIRST: Check that your PowerEdge Server or Drive Array is LISTED and supported. Your Dell server has to have 3.5 inches Hot-Plug Drive Bay. This 3.5 inch Drive caddy supports 3.5-inch hard drives OR with 2.5 inch converter bracket also 2.5-inch hard drives. Please, contact us if you are not sure

  • SUPPORTED 3.5 inch MODELS: PowerEdge 14th Generation T340, T440, T640; PowerEdge 13th Generation R230, R330, T330, R430, T430, R530, T630, R730, R730xd, R930, XC430, XC730, XC730xd; PowerEdge 12th Generation R320, T320, R420, T420, R520, T620, R720, R720XD; PowerEdge 11th Generation R310, T310, R410, R415, T410, R510, R515, T610, R710, T710; PowerVault ME5012, ME4012, MD3600, MD3400, MD3200, NX3000, MD1200, MD1400

  • LEARN MORE: Get our eBook that troubleshoots 5 of the most common issues when adding hard drives to your server. Tablet/PC and Smartphone versions available to help you learn more about Dell servers.

  • 4-YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY: Try them out for yourself, install to your server, and if you aren't happy with the compatibility, or for any reason at all, then we'll be more than happy to give you an immediate refund. Compatibility with PowerEdge and PowerVault array part numbers KG1CH, X968D, F238F; NON-OEM/NON-ORIGINAL ACCESSORY PART

Product description

Press the release button to open the release handle and slide hot plug caddy for inside or outside of your server. The Hot-Plug PowerEdge Caddy 3.5 is for connecting a hard drive to a server backplane. Your server backplane is connected to a DELL PERC RAID controller. After installation, you can adjust or create RAID Volume from the RAID controller menu.


Here’s What’s Included:


  • WORKDONE Drive Enclosure bracket for DELL PowerEdge (non-OEM) to 3.5 inch SAS or SATA Hard Drives

  • 2.5-inch adapter bracket for 2.5-inch NVMe, SSD, SATA and SAS Hard Drives

  • 11 mounting screws

  • Detailed installation manual

  • Compatibility Sheet Information PDF-Guide 

  • Worry-free 4 year warranty


Quality, reliability, and efficiency. WORKDONE drive trays are individually checked before they are packed. You can find that our upgraded design offers wider compatibility with DELL PowerEdge:

  • 14th Generation T340 caddy, T440 tray, T640 hddadapter

  • 13th Generation R230 caddie, R330 cage, R430 caddy, T330 carrier, T430 case, R530 converter, T630 frame, R730 caddy, R730xd hot-swap, R930 swappable caddy, XC430 hotplug, XC730 hotswap, XC730xd carrier

  • 12th Generation R320 HDD holder, T320 sled, R420 cage, T420 caddy, R520 carrier, T620 case, R720 converter, R720XD frame

  • 11th Generation R310 caddie, T310 cage, R410 caddy kit, R415 carrier, T410 case, R510 drive case, R515 frame, T610 SSD caddy, R710 hddadapter, T710 hot-swap

  • PowerVault ME5012, ME4012, NX3000, MD1200, MD1400, MD3200, MD3400 series


Installation WORKDONE 3.5" server Better Value With Faster Shipping. Order Your WORKDONE 3.5" server hot swap HDD caddy accessory Today and Ensure a Smooth Installation

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