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Your EASY and FAST DELL PowerEdge

Hard Drive Installation


Many PowerEdge server owners find that adding Hard Drives to PowerEdge servers can result in hassle, compatibility issues, and time losses.


To make life easier for you, in addition to the products that we offer, we have created compatibility sheets and detailed installation manuals to save you time, so you can get your Work Done!​

What do our clients say?

Very satisfied with the quality. Everything was in order and worked as intended. We also received a detailed and informative installation manual, which was very helpful. Will buy again.
All parts were nicely packed and it was a big surprise that there was an installation manual as well. We started to install the tray adapter to the SSD drives and right away it came up that we were doing something wrong! So, the manual really saved our time and helped us 
R. Neve
High quality, just like from Dell but for less. Fit perfectly. The look and feel is just like OEM
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